Little River Trail/Rough Creek Trail


Our Distance: 13.6 miles

Hikers: Elaine, Johnny, LeeAnne, Matthew

Little River Trail was simply awesome! It is similar to Ramsay Cascades trail because you are hiking in close proximity to the river for the entire trail. But it is wide, mostly gravel with only a gradual rise in elevation.

It was disconcerting to see all the warning signs about aggressive bears, and because of those warnings, we didn't get strung out along the trail. Seeing the open bear cage trap at the junction with Huskey Gap Trail added to our uneasiness.

In addition to the wonderful sights, one of the highlights of this hike was the couple we met on the trail. I don't believe anyone asked their names... and all the gentleman would say about his age was that he was "past 75 years". They took a group picture for us on Little River Trail and were gone... watching them, I know that I couldn't have kept up. We caught up with them and had a chance to visit a couple of miles up the trail when they stopped for lunch. From Canada, he is a retired lawyer and she is a retired doctor. They have hiked the Swiss Alps, the Himalayas, and Mt. Kilamanjaro!

Rough Creek Trail was exactly that... rough! But beautiful, too! Magnificent views... immense rocky outcrops... cascading streams... twisted vines... tiny salamanders... colorful mushrooms... your senses are overwhelmed!

On the way back to the trailhead, near Campsite #24, the sun's rays gave us a spectacular show.

Last update: 23-Apr-2013.