Cumberland Mountain State Park


Hikers: Donna, Fredricka, Matthew

We were invited to go see "Smoke On The Mountain" with a group from Waterville Baptist Church on Saturday, October 27th. It was playing at the Cumberland Playhouse in Crossville, TN. After the play, we had planned to drive up to Big South Fork State Park. We thought we could do a short hike Saturday afternoon, spend the night, and do another hike on Sunday morning before returning... but time, distance, and injuries made us change those plans.

After the play, we decided to have lunch at the Cumberland Mountain State Park restaurant. By the time we finished lunch, we had decided to just do one of the short trails inside the park and forego Big South Fork until a later date. Donna, Fredricka and Matthew completed the 2.1 mile Byrd Creek Trail and half of the 1.0 mile Cumberland Plateau Trail. Elaine and Margaret did a mall hike at Vanity Fair... we expect photos soon. q:)