Charlies Bunion


Charlies Bunion from Newfound Gap via the Appalachian Trail: ~ 8.0 miles

Hikers: Chris, Dan, Derek, Don, Drew, Eddie, John, Kristy, LeeAnne, Linda C., Linda M, Matthew, Pat, Susan D., Susan G., Todd, Tracy

Johnnies Folly Loop: Newfound Gap to Charlies Bunion via the Appalachian Trail, Dry Sluice Gap Trail, Grassy Branch Trail, and Sweat Heifer Creek Trail back to the AT: ~ 13.6 miles

Hikers: Elaine, Fredricka, Johnny, Jon, Larry

What a group! Our largest ever!
Look at the group picture... look at our glowing faces!
I must admit that I get a little misty when I look at it.
So many different people...
from so many different places...
so many different hiking experience levels...
and such varied backgrounds.
Children... parents... singles... married couples... friends.
Hiking together... for the joy of hiking... for the joy of being together.
Hilltop Hikers, I am proud to be a part of you.


Who are all those people? From left to right (sort of): that's me... then Derek, Drew, Don, and Susan Dameron (she's Fred Clark's daughter)... there's Larry Freeland in the back, but only because we aren't hiking... Eddie and Linda Maynard up front, but only because we aren't hiking... Susan and Johnny Grant... Fredricka Ledford has her bunny-ears on... Jon Freeland... Elaine Johnson... LeeAnne Sizemore... our new friends, Pat and John Lafevre from Gatlinburg via Ohio... Linda and Dan Card... and finally, Tracy and Todd Randolph, Kristy Maynard and Chris Coleman.

In the first mile or so, I heard a rather loud 'BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP' behind me, then a male voice asked, "What's beeping?" Linda Maynard replied, "Oh! I think it's my pacemaker!"

After the main group got back to the trailhead, someone said, "Everyone who wants to do this again next year, raise your hand." Linda Card was heard to say, "Dan, if you raise your hand, I'll break your arm with this stick!"

Last update: 01-May-2013.