Hilltop Hikers The Hilltop Hikers is a group of people from Miller Industries (located on Hilltop Drive in the wonderful city of Ooltewah, TN), their friends, family, and on occasion, people that we round up on the trails. Our group includes a wide range of people with a wide range of hiking experience. Anyone who enjoys hiking and hanging out with a great bunch of folks is welcome to attend provided you adhere to the primary rules of hiking in the Smokies (or wherever we happen to be): Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. And remember, safety first! Always, ALWAYS, carry more than enough water.

Special Features:

Recently, Matthew took a trip to Arizona and did some hiking at Ramsey Canyon. Click here to see the pictures! - Nov-2001
Miller Industries Fifth Annual Cades Cove Bike Ride - 01-Jun-2002
Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Ride 15-Jun-2002
Johnny Grant's Hiking Vacation 14->17-Jun-2002
Matthew's Trip to Arizona 2002
Miller Industries Sixth Annual Cades Cove Bike Ride - 31-May-2003
National Trails Day 2003 - 07-Jun-2003
Johnny Grant's 2003 Hiking Vacation - 04-Jul-2003 - 07-Jul-2003
GEOSET Annual CITO Event - "Cache In Trash Out Event" - 16 & 17-Apr-2005
GEOSET Group ... Grand Prize Winners - 06-May-2005
Johnny Grant Completes The Great Smokey Mountains 900-Miler - 10-June-2006

The Hikes:

We update this fairly regularly and add pictures as we get them in or as people get them developed
and send them in, so check back often - there may be something you haven't seen yet! And don't just
look at the newest hike... because of late additions, the pages for the earliest hikes can change.